Tobias Dahlberg
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Hello! Ny name is Tobias and I am here to help you expand your true potential and build an extraordinary brand and business.


The YouTube show for brand builders.

BRANDED™ is a YouTube show for people who want to master differentiation and brand building. It’s a mix of “how-to” educational videos, principles, real-world questions and cases from viewers, as well from my life as an everyday practitioner. You can submit your brand question and I’ll do my best to address it. Click below to check it out!


The podcast about becoming extraordinary.

EXTRAORDINARY- with Tobias Dahlberg is my podcast which covers entrepreneurship, brand building and personal growth - all with the aim of empowering you with the knowledge and inspiration to help you expand your potential, achieve your most audacious goal and live a fulfilled life. I regularly bring on world-class guests on the show.

Speaking events.

I am a regular speaker at conferences and corporate event. I am at my best speaking about strategic brand building and differentiation, design thinking, entrepreneurship and personal growth. To see some samples of my speeches, my content and style, or to book me for your event, just follow the link below.


Strategic brand consulting.

I have consulted more than 100 different companies, from startups to multi-national brands and businesses, helping them drive differentiation, innovation and growth through their brands. I offer simple yet powerful frameworks and tools that cover the whole span of brand transformation, from insights and strategy, to culture, operations and brand experience.


Training and education.

With more than decade of non-stop experience of consulting clients on strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation and brand-building, I have designed a number of workshops that I deliver “off-the-shelf” with small modifications. I am currently developing new training programs in this area, and I will be launching the shortly. So stay tuned!

Facilitation and moderation.

For the last 13 years I have facilitating a few hundred workshops for client companies, mainly in the areas of brand strategy, design thinking and innovation. I have also moderated several seminars and events. You can book me to moderate your corporate event, kick-off or seminar. I am fluent in English, Swedish and Finnish.