Hello! I am Tobias.

I am an entrepreneur, strategist, and coach who works in the areas of brand development, entrepreneurship, and growth. I am the entrepreneur and CEO at brand consultancy Wonder Inc., Chairman of design agency Kokoro & Moi, and Founder of The Future Academy.

Who are you? Let me guess. You are an entrepreneurially minded person, a change-maker. Maybe you are an entrepreneur. Whether you are or not, you have that spirit. You are someone who isn’t satisfied with the status quo, and you don’t want to settle for average. In fact, you hate the word, it feels like an insult to you. Instead, you want to be the best you can possibly be, to use your life to do something that matters, to reach goals and have an impact. And you are willing to do what most people would not do to get to where you want to do. If this is you, then we are kindred spirits. Here’s my story in a nutshell.

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My approach

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity for human potential and growth. This endless curiosity and drive have led me to a 20-year-long career focused on helping people, brands and businesses discover their true potential and pursue their path to greatness.

Do I sound like a life coach? Well, that's not what I am. I work mainly with companies and entrepreneurs who want to stand out and grow. However, I’ve come to learn that greatness always starts with an expansion of the mind. It starts with being open to new perspectives, new visions, and beliefs. And it takes motivation and discipline. Greatness demands personal growth. There is no way around that. Hence, my approach involves not just teaching, coaching, consulting or mastering “the how”, but also a mix of human psychology, personal development, and entrepreneurship. That’s my winning formula.


Where I’m coming from

From my early teens and well into my twenties, my life revolved mainly around sports. In addition to loving practically every racket sport I tried, I pursued a career as a professional golfer. My pursuit led me to see the world, living and traveling to different parts of the world. At the same time, I was studying for my master's degree in business.

Then, at the age of 25, I retired from golf as I had just entered working life. In this new environment, and coming from a life of competition and non-stop improvement, the question I kept asking myself was how people practiced and got better. In sports, improvement happens between competition and play. To my disappointment, I quickly realized how rare it was for people in the workforce to set goals and chase them with ambition. And very few practiced in their spare time. They just showed up to play, learning on the job. I was shocked. I know it might sound strange to you, but that was my reaction. I was used to competing among people who all were ambitious, focused and engaged, every day. Instead, people blamed their bosses and the workplace for their lack of enthusiasm and drive. Wow. Why didn't people want to be the best they could be, I wondered. After all, this was imprinted in me since my early youth. Little did I know.


Finding myself

My drive for realizing my potential and practicing my new "game", my career, led me reading almost everything I could get my hands on. In the coming years, I read over 1000 books, I attended seminars and events, listened to audiobooks, CD's, DVD's (this was the pre-iPhone era) and worked hard on my skills. Yet, I had not found own my thing yet. I worked in media, I worked in management consulting, and I worked in sales, marketing, and brand development roles at a few companies, including Nike Inc., and The Coca-Cola Company. I then joined a large marketing agency as a partner. I really enjoyed it all. But inside, something was missing. An inner voice was growing on me. And with the help of a personality test (I know!), I finally had the answer. My destiny was to be an entrepreneur. It was what I was born to do.

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In 2008, two months after the market crash, I made the leap and founded Wonder Inc., a brand consultancy group. Together with my colleagues and group companies, we've had the privilege to work hands-on with over 100 companies over the last 10 years. My main focus has been on strategic brand development, facilitating and designing brand strategies and helping companies turn them into reality through full-company transformations.

Combining a strong theoretical foundation (I am a learning geek!) with being a hard-working practitioner has been a priceless combo for me. It has given me a very realistic, practical view into how great brands are built, and I've sat with leadership teams to address all those tough questions that relate to their most important business challenges. I've come to see the patterns and learn what works and what doesn't.

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What’s next: The Future Academy®

After 20 years working with brand development, strategy, design thinking and entrepreneurship, I am currently building something new. I am building my long-term dream called The Future Academy®. It will be the learning platform I wish I had when I started out. My vision is to create a world-class resource for entrepreneurs, mavericks and other change-minded people who want to go beyond the norm - who want to learn the mindsets and skills to change the game, to build extraordinary brands and businesses. These skills are not taught in regular schools, and I want to create a resource rooted in practical, real-world experience, helping people create exponential results in the shortest possible time. I envision it as a business school for people who want to break the rules and create a different, better future.

You can check out the development of this venture here. Also, if you’re interested, sign-up for my signature program - Brand Transformation Masterclass™, a six-week, comprehensive online training and coaching program that provides a step-by-step formula for building a highly differentiated brand and business.


My commitment to you

I started out by sharing with you how I have a burning passion and curiosity for human potential and growth. This is my true calling, i.e., to expand potential and help people, brands, and companies become extraordinary.

I am here to serve you. I am here to create real results. Period. Knowledge is great. However, I believe you want more. You want to apply knowledge and move toward your goals in the fastest possible way. I get you.

Every week, I am creating content for you, all with the aim of inspiring you and empowering you to get to the next level. From podcasts to videos, articles and upcoming books, coaching, training and consulting, I hope to connect with you and have an impact on your journey to your greatness. You will hear me championing the idea that mediocrity has no place in business, and that being extraordinary is the best path and approach in business and in life. Isn't life is too short it to be average, or even boring? Instead, let's both go out and create the best work of our lives, and be fulfilled in the process. Deal?