I am Tobias, entrepreneur, strategist, speaker and CEO of Wonder Inc.

My mission is to help people and companies expand their potential and create an extraordinary future.  In our hyper-competitive, fast-changing, unpredictable world, the ones that succeed are those who are original in ways that matter. 

To matter, you need a greater calling, a purpose or values that permeates every cell of your body and those that are part of your mission (typically your organisation). And to be original, you need to be the only one in your space. The rare people and companies that achieve these two things are typically the game-changers of our time. They are the ones that get a disproportionate amount of the attention, growth and money. I want this for you, if you want it. 

I work with ambitious people and companies to help inspire, empower and create their future. I have worked with a broad range of clients to envision their future, craft brand and business strategies, and design the business models, culture and offerings to help them get there. Our team at Wonder Inc., including our subsidiary Kokoro & Moi consist of researchers, trend specialists, strategists, multi-disciplinary and single discipline designers, concept- and content designers. Together we work to help you be extraordinary. You can find us at www.wonderagency.com and www.kokoromoi.com

About my background:

After working for big brands and businesses such as Nike and Coca-Cola, and after experiencing the worlds of management consulting, start-ups and marketing agencies, I founded Wonder Inc. in 2008. I have worked for a big number of both international, regional and local brands and businesses, including the following:
The Coca-Cola Company, Nissan, Fiskars, Fazer, Paulig, Iittala, Marimekko, Telia, Arla, Metsä-Tissue, Neste-Oil and many more.

Hope to engage with you, feel free to contact me about anything.

Tobias Dahlberg


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